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'Still Loved' screening in Parliament

13 March 2017

How can a film about baby loss be uplifting not harrowing?  With trepidation, I attended the screening of ‘Still Loved’ arranged by Will Quince, MP, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss.  Still Loved is moving, hopeful and real.  If someone you know has lost a baby, the film helps you consider how to support them.

Midwifes say that the feedback the film received “from both seasoned professionals and students, was overwhelmingly positive…it enabled difficult conversations and provided crucial insight” and that the film was “powerful, emotive, hard to watch at times but extremely well made”.

To watch Still Loved, click here.


Birth Trauma 2016

9 December 2016

Hosted by Dr Rebecca Moore, delegates heard from Prof Susan Ayers, Liz Ford, Susanne Remic, Dr Gloria Esegbona, Alex Heath and Mari Greenfield; all with different perspectives but centring on a common theme – the importance of giving positive support to women, beginning with listening to what women say.  In the final session, I encouraged delegates to reflect and discuss changes they would make to practise, informed by quality improvement techniques.  The event was illustrated by Scriberia.


NHS London Maternity Clinical Network Maternal Mortality Review

8 September 2016

It was an inspiring day at the NHS London Maternity Clinical Network's Maternal Mortality Review Learning Event.

The key themes from 'London maternal deaths:  A 2015 review' are shown in the infographic.  The  report and investigation toolkit are now available.


I was honoured to be given a stand at the event and had loads of interesting conversations with delegates.  Many delegates took the opportunity to sign up for the Monthly Maternity e-News.  If you would like monthy maternity news to your inbox, sign up here.


The RCOG women's health patient safety day

16 October 2015

Delegates discussed my poster - 'Now is the time for effective maternity clinical networks which will improve quality and reduce cost' - and commented on the sample maternal and perinatal outcomes provided.  Delegates' suggestions included:

  • When examining rates of post-partum haemorrhage, consider the effect of mode of birth.
  • Neonatal critical care pathways need to be consistent across Operational Delivery Networks, to ensure high standards of care.

Perinatal deaths in the UK:  area by area results for 2013

10 June 2015

The grand Nuffield Hall at the Royal College of Obtetricans & Gynaecologists was packed for the launch of the perinatal deaths report by MBRRACE-UK.  My blog for Sheena Byrom, offering a perspective on how to reduce perinatal deaths is available here...